Important Notice:

Flying is subject to the following COVID restrictions:

1) MAXIMUM of 100 people on the field at any one time (total people -including children, not just pilots!)

2) You MUST maintain a minimum of 2m distance from each other (masks would be a really good idea!!)

3) If you decide to go out to the field, PLEASE post to the group so everyone has an idea of the # of folks going out.

4) If you arrive at the field and there are already the maximum number of people, DO NOT GO ON THE FIELD!!! You have to wait for someone to come off the field before you can get on.

5) Flying at the field is for members only. If you don’t have an active membership yet, you must be accompanied by an OGG member.



NOTE: Only 2.4GHz radio systems are permitted on Ottawa Glider Guiders fields.

1) Electric only- this is a glider only club.

2) No drones/quads/octo’s, model rockets or helicopters allowed. Tow airplanes are only permitted during aero-tow events, by written permission from the Executive.

3) Follow the MAAC safety rules (including posting the MAAC warning sign in your car so it is visible) -MAAC safety documents located here-

4) Fly below 304 meters (1000 feet) ASL at all times as there is controlled airspace at 1200ft ASL.

4a) If crossing a road while in flight from any field, DO SO ABOVE 20m (roughly tree top height) for safety reasons.

5) Follow the directives of any employees you may encounter, including:

  • No flying above Operations Buildings.
  • No flying above operating equipment
  • Follow requests to not fly over sections of the property to prevent damage to the fields.

7) Clean up after yourselves- leave the field cleaner than you found it.

8) Must be a paid club member or the guest of a club member to fly at the field. See Below for more information. **

9) Be safe, have fun and have a fantastic flying season!

10) Newly admitted members must be certified by one of the club instructors before being allowed to fly at OGG fields (NB this excludes former members of the ORCC Glider club and/or Ultimate Park Electric Fliers). 

11) In case of an accident at the field, the following must be completed immediately:

  •                                                                          Render any aid first and in the case of injury provide appropriate care, up to and including calling 9-1-1 for an ambulance.
  • Make a report to the President and/or Vice-President with the following information:
    • The date, time and weather conditions of incident. 
    • The name(s) and contact information of all involved- including anyone who may have witnessed the incident.  Any pictures of incident are to be forwarded as well. 
    • A detailed account of what occurred (loss of visual sight of the aircraft, loss of radio signal, weather phenomenon …?) and report on injury(ies).
    • The President/Vice-President will complete the MAAC incident report and forward to ZD -Ottawa Valley Zone G: Mike Anderson


 To fly at OGG fields, pilots must adhere to the following;

  • Be MAAC members and hold the “Pilot” designation
    from MAAC
  • Post visible MAAC warning signs stating : “ “WARNING!  Aeromodelling may cause serious injury.  Proceed at your own risk.”
  •  Follow all MAAC safety rules
  • ONLY operate electric or non-motorized gliders
  • Agree to never fly over the pit/spectator or parking area
  • Agree to follow the incident reporting process
    as published in case of an incident at the field.
  • Under the MAAC Safety Code: “No member shall
    operate a model aircraft while under the influence of alcohol or
    judgement-impairing drugs.”
  • Avoid all No-Fly Zones established by the Ottawa
    Glider Guiders Executive and Petersens Turf Farms.